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Here you can download fresh version of DVD Write Now.

Attention! This is beta version of DVD Write Now! This software is not bug free. It is possible, that this software will make your system unbootable. It is also possible that DVD Write Now will not work on your machine or will produce unexpected results.

If your system becomes unbootable after installation of the DVD Write Now you can use Last Known Good configuration from the boot menu to restore previous system state. You can also uninstall DVD Write Now from Safe Mode.

Note, this version has the following limitation: Disk Formatting and Erasing tools may require user to have administrative rights and may not work properly under plain user account.

2013.03.10 DVD Write Now, v 1.5.12 sp2 dwn_1_5_12_sp2.rar/zip (1.1 Mb/1.2 Mb)
2008.12.14 DVD Write Now, v 1.5.12 sp1 dwn_1_5_12_sp1.rar/zip (1 Mb/1.2 Mb)
2007.01.06 Device list update: dev_spec.rar/zip (1 Kb/1.1 Kb)

Previous versions

2008.01.06 DVD Write Now, v 1.5.12 dwn_1_5_12.rar/zip (1 Mb/1.2 Mb)
2007.10.06 DVD Write Now, v 1.5.11 dwn_1_5_11.rar/zip (1 Mb/1.2 Mb)
2006.11.10 DVD Write Now, v 1.5.10 dwn_1_5_10.rar/zip (913 Kb/1 Mb)
2006.09.07 DVD Write Now, v 1.5.9 dwn_1_5_9.rar/zip (910.4 Kb/1 Mb)
2006.08.10 DVD Write Now, v 1.5.8 dwn_1_5_8.rar/zip (909.8 Kb/1 Mb)
2006.01.30 DVD Write Now, v 1.5.7 dwn_1_5_7.rar/zip (907.4 Kb/1 Mb)
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