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Tech support

Something doesn't work and seems that DVD Write Now is guilty. We all would like to fix the problem. In order to make this complicated process easier and faster, please follow this:

  1. Describe the problem in all details. Also include step-by-step instruction for bug reproducing. Note, all particulars are very important. Even if your cat played with mouse a little. No jokes.
  2. If you experienced problems with some particular type of CD/DVD disks, please add the following information to your bug-report:
    • disk type (CD−RW, DVD+RW, etc.)
    • supported recording speeds for this disk (this should be printed on the disk)
    • disk manufacturer (e.g. Verbatim, TDK)
    • maximum supported by your device recording speed for this type of disks (should be specified in manual)
    • if the disk is formatted with some other direct CD/DVD recording software, please mention it
    • for how long time the disk is in use
  3. Run built-in DwReport.exe utility or take it from this archive: DwnInfo.rar/zip (17.6 Kb/17.7 Kb). If you cannot boot system with DVD Write Now installed, try to run this utility from Safe Mode. It will gather the following information about your system:
    • hardware list
    • OS version
    • installed DVD Write Now version (if any)
    • current user rights
    • list of installed drivers
    All this information will be displayed in edit box of special dialog window. Please, copy entire text and attach it to your bug report e-mail.
  4. Send you mail to support@dwn.alter.org.ua. We shall reply with special diagnostic build of DVD Write Now package, additional utility for getting debug messages and manual.
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